Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Year?!

I can't believe it be February already!! So much has happened since my last entry...not sure where to begin... Oh! K, so we had a historical presentation about Valentines day for our YSA Faychee, and we were told of the infamous "Penny Dread fold" cards that began emerging in the late 1800's. In short, these cards contained cartoons (way out of proportion) made to depict the person for whom the card was prepared for. They also contained witty or "insulting verses" in connection to the receiver. I thought this was a novel idea and whispered to a couple friends that this was my kind of card. If only greeting cards contained half the whit and genius that our predecessors possessed... so many wasted greetings.
I've now decided to also make this blog a place to display my photography. Over the summer I took a digital photography class and loved it! I created my first series before the class had ended and I'm now searching for new ideas for another. Any suggestions folks? Awesome!
So I'm currently enrolled in a Sociology class which has given me a wide-eyed view of how "Generation Me" is portrayed. Although I don't agree with some of the material covered, I feel a bit sorry for those trapped behind the mask of individualism. We tend to over-rate the idea that every man, woman and child is free to make their own choices according to their worldly desires; yet we have abandoned the accountability and responsibility that comes with every choice made. I wonder what the quality of life will be when the "Do whatever you feel like" bill is passed.
During our class discussions we've been researching many types of cultures, hoping to better understand what it is that drives us to act; or a bit more fundamental, why we behave the way we do. Since the beginning of these lectures, I've wondered what cultural traits we as Americans possess? So far as I can tell, the only cultural tradition we have been consistent to follow, is the progressive denial of a Supreme Being; in other words, the existence of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
I'll tell ya, I have a great respect for Korean culture. Although no society or government is perfect (that's right, even ours!), Korean life is based on simple principles like respect, discipline, honor and love. I'm curious as to how many Americans know what honor really is. Our ancestors sure did- and they demonstrated it well when they organized themselves and, upon receiving inspiration from God, created and established the divine Constitution of the United States. What a blessing it was for God to provide so much for His people.
I'm sure once you've read up to this point it seemed as though I was about to elaborate on any given topic discussed... as much as I love talking, I enjoy provoking thought even more.
We're all searching for greater meaning to our lives, and if I can help anyone who may be on that search, even in smallest way, I am grateful to have helped.
'Til next time people... God Lives :)

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